Oscar D. Corbalan



Cloud-based webapp

MealEaters is a restaurant review aggregator, built to live in the cloud.

It uses Ansible to automate deployment of cloud/virtual servers in multiple providers: ScaleWay, Amazon AWS, GinerNet...

The Ansible-automated deployment makes it possible to start/stop/manage servers running Scrapy that crawl websites looking for restaurant reviews.

All these scrapers run automatically, and are synchronized, through job queues implemented in PostgreSQL.

As this is a free-time project, there's still not available a public version of the website. A list of the technologies used so far, is:

  • Provisioning: Ansible and Vagrant.
  • Front end: D3.js for the charts; HTML5/CSS3 plus Bootstrap & jQuery.
  • Back end: Python for web scraping and server provisioning; NodeJS for the monitoring website.
  • Database: Replicated PostgreSQL.


MealEaters Monitoring