Oscar D. Corbalan



Game developed in ActionScript 3

Biwair is an ode to the gameplay of the cult game Every Extend. It can be thrown in the shooter genre, but taking into account that the only wat to attack is self-destruction, with the objective of exploding in chain as many enemies as possible.

Every attack supposes to losing a life, so it's a necessity to play intelligent and carefully; luckily, it's easy to get extra lifes at first, although it gets harder and harder as the game advances.

Chained explosions give more points the longer they are, so the suicidal attacks have to be planned ahead. To maximize the score, it's necessary to pick up power-ups that increase the game speed, taking a toll in reflexes but increasing the chances of longer chains.

The game is implemented in ActionScript 3.0, with a full event-oriented approach, y permite, allowing not only to play in the browser but also compiling it for any platform (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android).


Project at GitHub