Alcaidesa taxi website

Responsive web site created for a taxi driver from Alcaidesa, one of the unique urbanizations on the coast of Cadiz (Spain), characterized by its unique beaches and one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, located in the middle of nature.

The site is aimed at a middle-age and active target group, with a website design that tries to follow a colorful guideline and take advantage of elements, such as flat shadows, that give it a modern look.

For Taxi at Alcaidesa, it was decided to use flex boxes (CSS 3) together with viewport-width dependant font sizes, to get a fully responsive site. We also used a domain targeted at each language group using hreflang meta tags, to get search engines to direct each potential customer to the correct language.

Technologies used

The static site is pre-generated using a system of templates in Pug and styles through LESS, as well as Node.js + Gulp to automate the whole process, obtaining zero duplicate code although being a multi-language site.

  • Gulp-LESS-Pug Skeleton
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • CloudFlare


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