About me

Reaching me out

If its related to any of my public or open source projects, you can post on any of the Issues pages in the respective repository.

You can send me an email to oscardc@gmx.com for everything else:

  • Giving or taking courses,
  • Job opportunities,
  • Open source collaborations,
  • Consulting,
  • Partnerships,
  • etc

My experience

I'm a Computer Engineer and Full Stack passionate from Barcelona that loves to pursue challenges. I'm a constant learner and a lover of elegantly coded, efficient and scalable solutions. Oh! And passionate about crafting new things.

I have a preference for HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, Node.js, Python, MongoDB and Git, but also have an holistic technology background since I started programming backin in 2001 with DarkBASIC.

Some of my professional web development experience includes:


  • React and Jest expertise,
  • Knowing how JS works internally,
  • Pure, vanilla Javascript and ES6,
  • Mixing up LESS and Bootstrap with GreenSock or JQuery animations,
  • High-performance Canvas rendering,
  • Jade and Pug templates,
  • ActionScript & Flash...


  • VPSs, dedicated servers, Amazon AWS, Google App Engine and Firebase,
  • Deploying and securing CentOS and RHEL servers to balance high workloads,
  • Configuring Nginx and Apache proxies to balance multiple servers and CDN,
  • Caching everywhere for blazing speed: CDN, Memcached, SQL/NoSQL...

Backend stacks

  • Node.js + Express,
  • Python + Flask and Plone,
  • Java + Struts and Spring,
  • PHP + Wordpress...


  • MongoDB,
  • Google Datastore,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • MySQL,
  • Oracle SQL...