About me

My experience

I'm a Computer Engineer and Full Stack passionate from Barcelona that loves to pursue challenges. I'm a constant learner and a lover of elegantly coded, efficient and scalable solutions. Oh! And passionate about crafting new things.

I have a preference for HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, Node.js, Python, MongoDB and Git, but also have an holistic technology background since I started programming backin in 2001 with DarkBASIC.

Some of my professional web development experience includes:


  • React, Jest, Webpack & Rollup expertise,
  • Knowledge of JS internals,
  • Pure, vanilla and ES6 Javascript,
  • SASS, LESS & high-performance Canvas rendering,
  • Hugo & GatsbyJS to build blazing fast static sites,
  • ActionScript & Flash...


  • VPSs, dedicated servers, Amazon AWS, Google App Engine and Firebase,
  • Deploying and securing CentOS and RHEL servers to balance high workloads,
  • Configuring Nginx and Apache proxies to balance multiple servers and CDN,
  • Caching everywhere for blazing speed: CDN, Memcached, SQL/NoSQL...

Backend stacks

  • Node.js + Express,
  • Python + Flask and Plone,
  • Java + Struts and Spring,
  • PHP + Wordpress...


  • MongoDB (credential),
  • Google Datastore,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • MySQL,
  • Oracle SQL...